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Welcome to Radical Institute Students

We have been providing the right path to thousands of students cracking exams like IIT-JEE/NEET, and other competitive exams Since 2002.
With our student-centred learning process, we provide the best coaching from scratch. We ensure to bring out the talent in each student making them able to get admission to top engineering and Medical Colleges. 


Years of experience

Why are we Here?

Earlier mostly the students used to visit other places for coaching, wasting time, energy, resources and money.

So,we brought the best coaching to you, in your city: Zirakpur.


Educational Empowerment: We want to make sure every student has the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

All-rounder Development: We focus on helping students grow in all areas of their lives, not just academics.

Innovation in Learning: We use new and creative ways to help students learn and understand complex topics to clear exams. 

Equal Opportunity: We believe that every student should have the same opportunities, regardless of their background or circumstances. That’s why we’re bringing top-quality coaching for engineering and medical entrance exams right to Zirakpur, saving students time and money.

Empowering minds

Boundary-pushing education and transformative experiences.

Cultivating innovation

Fostering change, and nurturing trailblazing thinkers.


Where unconventional wisdom thrives and sparking revolutions in learning.

Our Education System

Our education system stands out because we prioritise building strong Character of each student along with focusing on exam success.
Our approach benefits students overall:

Shine among the crowd: We built strong characters for our students. It prepares them for adapting and succeeding in any situation.

Early Preparation: Our foundation wing ensures students start learning early, giving them a head start over others. Beginning early puts them at an advantage.

In simpler terms, we focus on teaching you the basics really well, which helps you do better not just in exams but also in higher studies. Plus, starting early gives you a head start over others!

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Radical Institute Empowering Young Minds

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” —Abraham Lincoln.”


Batch Size

Small Batches, focused on individual students, nurturing Big Dreams.

Effective Teaching

Personalised approach | Encourage growth in every student

Doubt Clear Sessions

Ensuring no doubt is left unresolved for our student’s optimal performance.

Regular tests

Monitoring progress | Adjusting study plans accordingly.

Latest Study Material

Keeping students ahead with the newest notes and study resources.

Mentor Support

Directing students’ energy and time effectively.

Expert faculty

Carefully selected educators ensuring comprehensive preparation.

shreya ballal
shreya ballal
Teachers are highly qualified and dedicated, Best institute in Zirakpur.
utkarsh jha
utkarsh jha
Best Institute in zirakpur the teachers are very supportive and friendly and the regular test system is also the best
ilu raj
ilu raj
It is house of perfection
Anjali Rawat
Anjali Rawat
Best institute in the zirakpur with systematic manner of guidance .. All teachers are friendly supportive and experienced ..
Soni Kumari _9e_2
Soni Kumari _9e_2
Best place of iit jee and neet
Lokesh Mahajan
Lokesh Mahajan
Good quality education and very professional staff!
Bittu Kumar
Bittu Kumar
Experienced facilities Regular test ,This is the best institute in Zirakpur.... Best system and dedicated staff. Extra class for backlog students
Kriti Verma
Kriti Verma
Radical Institute is the best coaching centre for JEE/NEET/CBSE preparation. The teachers put immaculate efforts in producing the best results possible. Career guidance is also provided by teachers to students. Regular revision tests are taken to evaluate our performance. The atmosphere of the institute is very disciplined and comfortable. The manager of the institute is also very cordial and friendly. I highly recommend other students to join this institute for good academic results.
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