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We strengthen your wings to fly high


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Radical Institute

Dear Parents and Students

Radical Educational Group, the best Institute for your JEE, NEET, CBSE, ICSE, Medical and non-medical Foundations in Zirakpur Since 2002.
Serving advanced Education in Zirakpur with the only aim to open the doors of success for students, who dream of studying at top Medical and Engineering Colleges – we provide them with excellent Goal Oriented Education.

What we offer you

Radical Institute

“We strengthen your wings to fly high”

A Message For Parents:  We know your happiness seeing your child working hard to build a successful career. So we take charge from here! You don’t need to burden yourself with scrolling down the internet and choosing the perfect place for your child to study. Radical Institute provides a process to enable learning from scratch, making your Child strong from the base itself.

Shoutout to the Students:  In such a competitive world you need a place where teachers will work on your core to help you enhance your talent.We will provide you a batch for fruitful discussions, the latest study material, Positive guidance and strong Mentorship, Test papers, reviews, feedback, and detailed doubt-clearing sessions with expert teachers. 

Over 3000 Selection in IITs, Top Engineering Colleges

Our Classroom program are designed to target the excellent result


Transparency in Fee Structure


Transforming Potential into Excellence: IIT-JEE /NEET Champions, Radical Institute

MEDICAL - NON MEDICAL (11th & 12th)

Nurturing Brilliance: Shaping Futures in Medical and Non-Medical Sciences

FOUNDATION (8th, 9th, 10th)

Fostering Curiosity, Building Foundations: Unleash Potential with Radical Institute


Our Expert Faculty provide learning with Personalised Approach, Latest study Material, and further career Guidance.

Your success story begins with our support.

Our track record speaks of unparalleled success stories

We customise education to match your unique strengths.

Learn from experienced mentors dedicated to your achievements.

Beyond academics, we nurture skills for a thriving future.

Advanced learning with a touch of personalization

With excellent preparation for JEE, NEET, CBSE, ICSE, Medical, and non-medical,  we support our students with a touch of personalization.
For us, each student matters! Every single student has a unique way of learning, right?
So, to make it easier for every student to learn equally and pass the exams with great results, we Customise and adapt advanced learning methods.
Observing each student and creating effective study plans help each learner to grasp subjects thoroughly and enhance their confidence to excel in competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET.



We ensure that each student clears all his doubts. It helps our students with active learning as they grasp concepts and immediately clear doubts. These doubt- solving sessions help teachers to Access Student’s levels of Understanding helping us to create a perfect learning process for our students.

In our study sessions, we explore different topics, address doubts, and appreciate feedback. We plan our time carefully, take detailed notes, and prioritise effective review. Good time management helps us stay updated with the latest syllabus and fosters a positive, focused study environment for students.

Welcome to Student-centred learning Institute

Get ready to reach the zenith of your dreams with the best entrance exam coaching  institute for tough-to-crack exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, Medical and Non- Medical Exams with Radical Institute. 


“Daily practice unlocks success with Radical Institute - your Aim is just steps away!”

Great Results

We help you prepare well for your school and board exams to get excellent grades.

All Subjects Covered

We teach all your subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology separately.

Best Teachers and Methods

We have awesome teachers and teaching methods to help you understand subjects deeply.

Regular Tests

You'll have tests in class and bigger tests every few months. We'll discuss your results to help you improve.

Finish Syllabus on Time

We make sure to finish your syllabus on time so you have enough time to revise everything.

Practice Tests

After finishing the syllabus, we give you lots of practice tests to help you get used to exam conditions.

Meetings with Parents

We meet your parents from time to time to talk about how you're doing in class.

Clearing Doubts

If you have any doubts, we'll help you clear them up.

Right Class Size

We keep our classes small so that every student gets enough attention.

shreya ballal
shreya ballal
Teachers are highly qualified and dedicated, Best institute in Zirakpur.
utkarsh jha
utkarsh jha
Best Institute in zirakpur the teachers are very supportive and friendly and the regular test system is also the best
ilu raj
ilu raj
It is house of perfection
Anjali Rawat
Anjali Rawat
Best institute in the zirakpur with systematic manner of guidance .. All teachers are friendly supportive and experienced ..
Soni Kumari _9e_2
Soni Kumari _9e_2
Best place of iit jee and neet
Lokesh Mahajan
Lokesh Mahajan
Good quality education and very professional staff!
Bittu Kumar
Bittu Kumar
Experienced facilities Regular test ,This is the best institute in Zirakpur.... Best system and dedicated staff. Extra class for backlog students
Kriti Verma
Kriti Verma
Radical Institute is the best coaching centre for JEE/NEET/CBSE preparation. The teachers put immaculate efforts in producing the best results possible. Career guidance is also provided by teachers to students. Regular revision tests are taken to evaluate our performance. The atmosphere of the institute is very disciplined and comfortable. The manager of the institute is also very cordial and friendly. I highly recommend other students to join this institute for good academic results.

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